These Children’s Bible Lessons originated from a need for some user-friendly teaching material that would give children a clear picture of God, together with an understanding of His wonderful love for them, and His plan for all mankind.

The lessons were written in 1985 by a gifted communicator of God’s Word to children, Margaret Law, in Adelaide, South Australia. Margaret is a highly qualified Christian educator and has had many, many years’ experience as a Children‘s Church Co-ordinator. Over the years, graphics have been added and the presentation format of the Children’s Bible Lessons updated by Colleen Plant, a Children’s Church worker since 1982, called to share the love of Christ with needy children.

Christian leaders and teachers who now use this material are spread across such far flung places as South Australia, Newcastle in New South Wales, Caloundra, Queensland and the towns in Kenya. And we would now like to make it freely available to you!

God is so faithful in empowering teachers of the Word to sow the truth into children’s hearts, to know the richness of God’s blessing.